Company History

Becky's travel has been founded in 1964 and it started as a hobby by the founder, Rebecca Savvides, hence the name Becky, which is short, distinctive and easy to pronounce. Rebecca liked very much to travel, and that is why she has decided to start the travel business. Despite the five children she already had, she could still find time to spend at the business. The beginning has been extremely difficult because at that time women who worked were not taken seriously and she had to face the hostility of the airlines. However, from the very beginning the founder has seen the need of organized tours out of Cyprus and was one of the very first people to organize tours at first to the neighboring countries, like Lebanon, Syria, Israel, Egypt and Jordan. It did help that she spoke five languages. Another need that she had seen was cheaper prices for relatives of the UK soldiers to visit Cyprus, so Charter Flights had been organized at only 60% of the cost of normal flights. Since the very beginning the motto of the company has been “good service” because it is a pleasure to see happy people who come back even after twenty years and tell you they remember what good times they had travelling through the agency.

Oldest Travel Agent Woman award
During the celebration of the Tourism day by the Cyprus Tourism Organization , with a focus on – Tourism Opens Doors for Women – has acknowledged with awards, women pioneers in the field. Our Managing Director and founder Mrs. Rebecca Savvides (Photo) was nominated the oldest Travel Agent Woman.

Years Later

However times change and new blood has come into the business. Three of the children were interested to continue the family business, after their studies abroad. It has been a blessing that the old and new generation has blend together so well, as the old generation has accepted the new methods of technology and new generation has respected and listened to experience.

Becky's was one of the first travel agency that went automated in 1985 and to go into internet a few years later and a lot of business is conducted through the internet. It is a far cry from the beginnings when one had to book a call to Nicosia to get hold of the space control and spend half an hour on a simple booking, which is now conducted within a maximum of five minutes. However, an asset of Becky's is the personal touch, especially as two of the ticketing people have over thirty years continuous service in the company and a lot of experience and always try to find the best value for money options for customers. This is the reason why the company deals with corporate accounts whose people have sometimes to travel at a moments notice as well as efficiently.

The company's premises have always been where it started at 95, Arch. Makarios Avenue, Limassol, and in 1986 the whole building was bought by the company and rebuilt completely. Becky’s Travel has been a member of IATA since 1978 and also a member of ASTA and ACTA.